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Activation of the Court’s jurisdiction over the crime of aggression (03) - States Parties only


  New York Working Group meeting

  United Nations Headquarters in New York ,    Conference room 11

​At this meeting, Prof. Dapo Akande and Prof. Noah Weisbord have kindly agreed to brief States Parties in New York on the Kampala amendments on the crime of aggression. They will build on our discussions of 25 April, for a more in-depth discussion on activation and related questions, including in particular the jurisdictional regime. Delegations are encouraged to come prepared with any questions regarding the amendments and activation, in order to make best possible use of this meeting.

For background on our expert briefers please refer to the following links:
Prof. Akande: https://www.law.ox.ac.uk/people/dapo-akande,
Prof. Weisbord: https://law.fiu.edu/faculty/directory/noah-weisbord/


In accordance with resolution ICC-ASP/15/Res.5, annex I, para. 18(b) the facilitation is open only to States Parties.