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​ ​Summaries of meetings held in 2020

Informal information session - 24 June 2020
Complementarity and the relationship between national jurisdictions and the Court - English

​ ​Summaries of meetings held in 2019

Informal information session - 22 February 2019
Article 17 of the Rome Statute and issues of admissibility including an overview of jurisprudence and recent situations - English
​Seminar - 4 April 2019
Completion strategies across the ICC’s activities - English
​Meeting of the facilitation- 31 October 2019
Update on activities on complementarity - English

  Documents and Tools​ ​

    ​ EU complementarity toolkit
European Commission and the External Action Service
Joint Working Document on Advancing the Principle of Complementarity -English

   Background documents​

Stocktaking of international criminal justice
(Informal summary by the focal points)
RC-11-Annex.V.c - English 
Focal points’ compilation of examples of projects aimed at strengthening domestic jurisdictions to deal with Rome Statute Crimes
RC-ST-CM-INF.2 - English
​Review Conference  - Resolution 1
RC-Res.1 - English
​ASP9 - Report of the Bureau on complementarity
ICC-ASP-9-26 - English 
ASP9 - Resolution ICC-ASP/9/Res.3, paras. 4, 5, 15, and 47
ICC-ASP-9-20-Vol.I-Part.III-Res.3 - English 
​ASP8 R - Report of the Bureau on complementarity
ICC-ASP-8-51 - English

 Associated documents​ ​

​Interview with Ambassador Biering (Denmark)
ASP Newsletter #3 (page 18-19) - English

  Other links​ ​

The Peace and Justice Initiative

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