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 ICC - Final Results



Final Results

Results of the third election 
of the judges of the International Criminal Court

Resumed seventh session of the Assembly of States Parties, 
held from 19 - 23 January 2009 at United Nations Headquarters

Last Update : 20 January 2009, 19:00  (New York Time)

Final Results

            Name                                               Nationality       Votes    Elected?  A/B  Gender
1.  SHAHABUDDEEN, Mohamed Guyana   79(1R) Yes     B male
2.  SAIGA, Fumiko Japan 72(1R) Yes B female
3.  TARFUSSER, Cuno Italy 74(3R) Yes A male
4.  MONAGENG, Sanji Mmasenono Botswana   75(4R)    Yes   B female
5.  VAN DEN WYNGAERT, Christine  Belgium 73(5R)  Yes A female
6.  ALUOCH, Joyce Kenya 100(9R) Yes  A  female

                             Results of the first round
                             Held on 19 January 2009,    15:00  (New York Time)
                             Results of the second round
                             Held on  19 January 2009,    17:30  (New York Time)
                             Results of the third round
                             Held on 20 January 2009,    10:30 (New York Time)    
                             Results of the fourth round
                             Held on 20 January 2009,    11:40 (New York Time)         

                             Results of the fifth round
                             Held on 20 January 2009, 13:00 (New York Time) 

                             Results of the sixth round
                             Held on 20 January 2009, 15:15 (New York Time) 

                             Results of the seventh round
                             Held on 20 January 2009, 16:00 (New York Time)

                             Results of the eighth round
                             Held on 20 January 2009, 16:20 (New York Time)

                             Results of the ninth round
                             Held on 20 January 2009, 17:00 (New York Time)