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 ICC - KAM, Gberdao Gustave



ASP Documents: 09.09.2011

KAM, Gberdao Gustave

Details of nomination

  Name:   KAM, Gberdao Gustave                
  Nationality:    Burkina Faso
  Nominating State(s):  Burkina Faso 
  Nominated for list:
  Regional group: African States
  Gender:  Male
  Language of submission:  English, French 
  Supporting documents: 
     Note verbale:         English* | Español | Français* |   عربي     
     Statement:              English* | Español | Français* |   عربي  
     Curriculum vitae:  English* | Español | Français* |   عربي  
     * Language of submission

Source: Assembly of States Parties