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 ICC - 2nd Round



Election of judges, December 2011 - Results of the seconf round

Last Update : 15 December 2011
Held on 13 December 2011, 10:50 (New York time)

                           Number of ballot papers: 116
           Number of invalid ballots:9
              Number of abstentions: 0
             Number of valid ballots: 107
Number of States Parties voting:  107
    Two-thirds required majority:   72



Results (second round)

Name Nationality    Votes     Elected?
1. BOOLELL, VinodMauritius 29No
2. BRIA, Modeste-MartineauCentral African Republic  2No
3. CATHALA, BrunoFrance 44No
4. CIFUENTES MUÑOZ, Eduardo Colombia 29No
5. CZAPLIŃSKI, Władysław   Poland 36No
6. EBOE-OSUJI, ChileNigeria 39No
7. FREMR, Robert Czech Republic 77Yes
Olga Venecia
Dominican Republic 36No
9. LAYNEZ POTISEK, JavierMexico 28No
10. MINDUA, Antoine Kesia-MbeDemocratic Republic of the Congo 10No
11. MORRISON, HowardUnited Kingdom  54No
12. SERGHIDES, George A.Cyprus 6No
13. URBINA ORTEGA, Jorge Antonio  Costa Rica 37No





Source:  Assembly of States Parties