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 2013 - Election of a judge - Result



Results of the first round

Last Update : 26  November 2013
Held on 23 November 2013, 10:30 (CET)

                        Number of ballot papers:99
Number of invalid ballots:0
Number of abstentions: 1
Number of valid ballots: 99
Number of States Parties voting:   98
Two-thirds required majority: 66


Results (first round)

Name Nationality    Votes     Elected?
1.        HENDERSON, Geoffrey A.
    Trinidad and Tobago98Yes 



The elections are scheduled for the twelfth session of the Assembly of States Parties, to be held at World Forum, The Hague, from 20 to 28 November 2013.

    Name  Nationality

 HENDERSON, Geoffrey A. 
Trinidad and Tobago
2.  VAN ROMPAEY, Leslie * Uruguay

Addendum - Withdrawal of candidature
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Source:  Assembly of States Parties