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 ICC - Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute elects six judges




At the second meeting of its tenth session, the Assembly proceeded to elect the following six judges of the International Criminal Court:

- CARMONA, Anthony Thomas Aquinas
  Group of Latin American and Caribbean States (Trinidad and Tobago),
   list A, male

  Group of Asia-Pacific States (Philippines), list B, female

  Group of African States (Nigeria), list A, male

- FREMR, Robert
  Group of Eastern European States (Czech Republic), list A, male
  Group of Latin American and Caribbean States (Dominican Republic),
  list A, female

- MORRISON, Howard 
  Group of Western European and Other States (United Kingdom),
  list A, male

List A judges have established competence in criminal law, while List B judges have competence in relevant areas of international law, such as international humanitarian as well as human rights law.

The judges were elected for a term of office of nine years that would commence on 11 March 2012. Biographical information on the judges is contained in document ICC ASP/10/18/Add.1.

Information on the results of the 15 rounds of balloting may be found at the website of the Court under Assembly of States Parties ( ).

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Ms. Estera Luteranova at +1 646 591 8218 or via email at  [email protected].

Source:  Assembly of States Parties