GENERAL DEBATE - Twelfth session



List of speakers

(Updated - 27.11.2013) English       

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20-26 NOVEMBER 2013 ​

​Afghanistan English
​Argentina English/Esp​añol   
            Australia English
​Austria ​English
Belgium Français
Botswana English
Brazil English
Canada English | Français
​Chile ​.
​Colombia Español
Congo, Republic of Français
Costa Rica Español
Cote d'Ivoire Français
Croatia English
​Cyprus ​English
Czech Republic English
Denmark English
Democratic Republic of Congo Français
Estonia English
Finland English
France Français
Gambia, The English
Georgia English
Germany English/Français
Ghana English
Guatemala Español
​Hungary English​
​Ireland ​English
​Italy ​English
Japan English
Jordan and Liechtenstein [joint statement]  English
Kenya English
Korea, Republic of English
Lithuania [on behalf of European Union] ​ English
Luxembourg Français
Mexico Español
Namibia English
Netherlands, The [*Open joint statement - Argentina, Belgium, Netherlands, Slovenia and others]  English / English* 
​New Zealand English
Nigeria English
Norway English
Peru Español
Philippines English
Poland English
Portugal English
Romania English
Samoa English
​Senegal ​.
Serbia English
Seychelles English
Slovakia English
Slovenia English
South Africa English
Spain English
Sweden English
​Switzerland ​English
Tanzania, United Republic of      English
Trinidad and Tobago English
Tunisia Français
​Uganda [on behalf of African Union]  English​​
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland English
Uruguay Español
​Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Español 
​Zambia ​.
​China English | 中文 
​Cuba Español​
​Russian Federation English
United States of America English
​ Council of Europe ​​English
​ Organization of American States ​.
 Al-Haq English
 Amnesty English
 Asian Forum English
 CFCPI English | Français
​ CICC English 
​ FIDH ​​EN | FR | SP
 Human Right Watch English
​ Kenyans for Peace with Truth and Justice English​
​ Open Society Justice Initiative English
​ PGA English | Français
 REDRESS English
 Thai Alliance English


Source:  Assembly of States Parties