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I. Establishment and mandate of the Audit Committee 


In 2015, at its fourteenth session, the Assembly of States Parties approved the recommendations of the Committee on Budget and Finance on the re-establishment of the Audit Committee as well as the Charter of the Audit Committee.

According to its Charter, the purpose of the Audit Committee is to provide the Assembly with independent advice on the adequacy and effectiveness of the Court's management practices. In line with its mandate, the Audit Committee assists the International Criminal Court in meeting States Parties' demands for transparency and accountability, by providing oversight of its management practices in key governance areas, including:

  • Values and ethics;
  • Governance structure;
  • Risk management;
  • Internal control framework;
  • Audit activity;
  • External assurance providers, including the examination and monitoring of the independence of the External Auditor and of his recommendations as well as of any other questions raised by the External Auditor or by any other external assurance provider; and making recommendations to the competent organ concerning the nomination of the External Auditor.
  • Management action plans; and
  • Financial statements and public accountability reports.


II. Members                                                     

The Audit Committee is composed of the following five members (in alphabetical order):

   Choudhury Mr. 
Fayezul Choudhury

Current Chairperson of the Audit Committee
  Druml Mr.                
Werner Druml

Current Vice-Chairperson of the Audit Committee
Aiman Ibrahim Hija 

   Daniel Mr.
Daniel McDonnell

(United Kingdom)

Clarissa Van Heerden

(South Africa)


III. Reports of the Audit Committee  

2016 ICC-ASP/15/15 (Annex VII) English | Français      
2017 ICC-ASP/16/15 (Annex V) English | Français     
2018 ICC-ASP/17/15 (Annex VI) English | Français     

AC-9-5 English | Français     
AC-10-5 English | Français
AC-11-5 English | Français     
AC-12-5 English | Français         


AC-13-5 English | Français     
AC-14-5 English | Français     
2022 AC-15-5 - English | Français   
AC-16-5 - English | Français
2023 AC-17-5 - English | Français
  AC-18-5 - English | Français
2024 AC-19-5 - English | Français


IV. Charter of the Audit Committee 

English | Français     

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