ICC - Photo Gallery - Review Conference 2010

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Official Review Conference events:

     1. Opening speeches of the Review Conference 
31 May

     2. General Debate

31 May 10:00-13:00
          - States Parties
31 May 15:00-19:00 
          - States Parties
1 June    9:00-13:00 
          - States Parties
1 June  14:00-19:00
          - States Parties, Observer States
International Organizations
Non Governmental Organizations

     3. Stocktaking exercise
2 June  10:00-13:00    
Impact of the Rome Statute system on victims and affected communities

2 June  15:00-18:00 

Peace and Justice

3 June  10:00-13:00 

3 June  15:00-18:00 



     4. Plenary meetings
Adoption of resolutions and declarations 
Strengthening the enforcement of sentences 
Closure of the Review Conference

     5. Working groups
Working Group on the Crime of Aggression
Working Group on other amendments 

     6. Other Review Conference photos
High-level declaration
Drafting Committee
Informal consultations
Pledges ceremony
Review Conference Bureau Meeting 


Side events:

30 May 
Football match
30 May 
Special Evening on Justice

UNSG Visit to Peoples Space
Peoples Space Moot Court
Bilateral Meeting of the UN SG and ASP President
Side Event: Trust Fond for Victims 
Side Event: Delegates Visit to Uganda

Delegations and Other Participants
  - Delegations
  - Other Participants
  - Secretariat of the ASP
6 June
African Gala night

Press conferences

President of the ASP
United Nations Secretary-General