• The Coalition for the International Criminal Court is a global network of more than 2500 civil society organizations working in 150 countries to ensure justice for the victims of crimes against humanity, genocide and war crimes.
  • Ratification and Implementation: Since the adoption of the RS, the Coalition for the ICC has worked to achieve its universal ratification and full and effective implementation. In order for the ICC to succeed, an increasing majority of the world's nations must support the Court. The Coalition continues to advocate strongly in non-party states the importance of joining this fundamental institution. For the principle of complementarity to become truly effective, along with or following ratification, States must also implement the crimes and general legal principles of the Rome Statute into domestic legislation.
  • To assist our membership, and also those governments working on their legislation, the Coalition is committed to providing comprehensive information on the state of legislative drafting and implementation campaigns throughout the world through an annual publication and more frequently through the website and other communications materials.
  • The Coalition actively monitors and promotes the development of implementation legislation globally. Drafting and enacting ICC implementing legislation requires vigilant advocacy and monitoring at the national level to see through to completion what is typically a multi-year and phase process. National and international Coalition members and Secretariat staff monitor developments around the world, frequently meeting with relevant officials involved in drafting and enacting the legislation (including Committees on IHL, executive branch officials and MPs, depending on the country and phase of the process).
  • Activities include: holding parliamentary briefings and national stakeholder workshops, providing written assessments and recommendations on improving existing draft laws and building political will and pressure to see the process through to enactment.
  • The Coalition is also working to advance complementarity initiatives that provide women greater access to justice and protection from sexual and gender-based violence. The Coalition partners with local members and galvanizes action to strengthen national legislation and raise awareness of those provisions related to gender justice in the Rome Statute.
  • The Coalition produces a yearly report on the status of ratification and implementation of the Rome Statute, based on information gathered during Coalition activities and outreach around the world. Each year, the Coalition develops a list of focus countries for pushing implementing legislation and remains open to adding other countries as developments in capital provide opportunity for advancement.
Regions of work
Non-governmental organization

Liz Evenson, Director, International Secretariat ([email protected])
Virginie Amato, Head of Advocacy, International Secretariat ([email protected]

Three most relevant areas of work
Advocacy; Policy coordination; Outreach