Programme Promotion of the Rule of Law

Good governance includes promoting the rule of law. To this end Germany is cooperating with ministries, the judiciary, the police and other public agencies. Work focuses on the areas of legal counselling, legal assistance and police-judicial cooperation. This support is closely coordinated with the police training being provided by the German Police Project Team in districts of northern Afghanistan.


Programme Justice and prison reform for promoting human rights and preventing corruption

Germany is supporting Bangladesh in its efforts to fully reform its prisons. The plan is to carry out capacity building measures in the context of prison administration and to improve the penal system. In addition, prisoners are to be offered rehabilitation programmes, and the Justice Ministry is being given advice on overhauling outdated legislation. The aim is to ensure that all citizens, whether male or female, have equal access to a fair trial. The Anti-Corruption Commission, too, is receiving support.



Germany is supporting the Khmer Rouge Tribunal and strengthens especially capacity building for the judiciary through integrated experts.

Further, Germany strengthens the access to justice of women and girls affected by violence and increases their benefit from effective legal protection and well-targeted social services.


Programme Ensuring the Legal Framework for Sustainable Economic Development

Objective: Judiciary and the relevant ministries implement the introduced methods, instruments and procedures in order to modernize the legislative framework and jurisdiction within the economic and mining law.


Central Asia (Kasachstan, Kirgisistan, Tadschikistan, Turkmenistan, Usbekistan):

Kasachstan, Kirgisistan, Tadschikistan, Turkmenistan and Usbekistan: Regional Promotion of rule of law in Central Asia

Objective: Judiciary, legislature and administration are in a position to perform their work in accordance with the constitution.


Regions of work
Three most relevant areas of work
Capacity Building; Legal Framework; Rule of Law and Development