Election of the Advisory Committee on Nominations - 2012 Nomination

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Nomination period: 16 May to 31 August 2012 (CET)  

The elections are scheduled for the eleventh session of the Assembly of States Parties, to be held at World Forum, The Hague, from 14 to 22 November 2012
As of 2 October 2012 the composition of the Bureau Working Group on the Advisory Committee on Nominations is as follows: 

  - African States: South Africa 
  - Asia-Pacific States: Japan 
  - Eastern European States: Czech Republic 
  - Group of Latin American and Caribbean States: Brazil 
  - Western European and other States: Switzerland     


  (a) Mr. Leonardo Nemer Caldeira Brant (Brazil);

  (b) Mr. H iroshi Fukuda (Japan);

  (c) Mr. Philippe Kirsch (Canada);

  (d) Mr. Daniel David Ntanda Nsereko (Uganda);

  (e) Mr. Ernest Petrič (Slovenia);

  (f) Ms. Mónica Pinto (Argentina);

  (g) Mr. Árpád Prandler (Hungary);

  (h) Mr. Bruno Simma (Germany); and

  (i) Mr. Raymond Claudius Sock (Gambia).

  Nomination election of members of the Advisory Committee on Nominations
  Note verbale of 14 May 2012
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  Extension of the nomination period until 31 August 2012
Note verbale of 10 August 2012
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