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Nominations for judges of the International Criminal Court

Election to fill judicial vacancies

Scheduled for the sixth session of the Assembly of States Parties, to be held at United Nations Headquarters in New York, from 30 November to 14 December 2007.

Last update: 3 October 2007

Nominations by region

Name Nationality
African States : 1 nomination
1. NSEREKO, Daniel David Ntanda Uganda
Asian States : 1 nomination
1. SAIGA, Fumiko Japan
Eastern European States: 0 nominations
Latin American and Caribbean States: 2 nominations
1. DIXON, Graciela Panama
2. PERMANAND, Jean Angela  Trinidad and Tobago
Western European and other States : 1 nomination
1. COTTE, Bruno France


By a communication, dated 20 September 2007, the Government of Nigeria announced the withdrawal of the candidature of Justice Sunday Akinola Akintan. The Government of Nigeria had nominated him by a communication dated 15 August 2007.