The Presidency of the Assembly of States Parties condemns the recent cyber security attack against the International Criminal Court

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The Presidency of the Assembly of States Parties of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) condemns the recent cybersecurity attack against the Court, which it considers as an unacceptable attempt to interfere with its mandate to investigate, sanction and prevent the commission of the gravest international crimes.

We praise the resilience and resolve of the ICC to continue its work as usual, despite the operational challenges, and welcome the measures already taken by the Court to examine the facts and circumstances of the attack, assess its impact and mitigate its effects. We also express our appreciation for the excellent cooperation provided by the host State for these purposes.

We reiterate our unwavering support for the International Criminal Court as an independent and impartial court of law and stand firmly by its elected officials, its personnel and all those cooperating with it. We urge all States, international organizations, and civil society to reject any threat and attack against the Court and to cooperate fully with the Court in order to preserve its integrity and enhance its protection, independence and impartiality.

The Assembly of States Parties is the management oversight and legislative body of the ICC. It is comprised of representatives of States that have ratified or acceded to the Rome Statute. The Presidency of the Assembly is currently composed of H.E. Ms. Silvia Fernández de Gurmendi, (Argentina) President; and H.E. Ms. Kateřina Sequensová (Czech Republic) and H.E. Mr. Robert Keith Rae (Canada), Vice-Presidents.

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