President Intelmann meets with members of the European Parliament and witnesses solemn undertaking of ICC Deputy Prosecutor

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On 8 March 2013 the President of the Assembly of States Parties (“the Assembly”), Ambassador Tiina Intelmann, witnessed the solemn undertaking of Mr. James Stewart, the new Deputy Prosecutor of the Court, which was held in open court, in the presence of the diplomatic community, international organizations and representatives of civil society.

President Intelmann also participated in an informal consultation and debate with Indonesian representatives from the justice sector and from the Parliament on the topic: Current Challenges for the International Criminal Court. The debate, organized by the Parliamentarians for Global Action and The Hague Institute for Global Justice, aimed to provide a forum of interaction with key representatives from States Parties to the Rome Statute, in order to inform the views and eventual decisions on accession to and implementation of the Statute by Indonesia. President Intelmann opened the debate by delivering introductory remarks on The Role and Strength of the Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute of the ICC – The need for its Universality.

President Intelmann also met with the coordinators and facilitators of The Hague Working Group of the Bureau and discussed how they would undertake their mandate this year.

Prior to her visit to The Hague, President Intelmann was in Brussels, where she met with members of the European Parliament in her continuous endeavors to ensure high-level political support to the Court and to the fight against impunity. She also briefed the European Union Council COJUR/ICC Working Group on the future and current work of the Assembly. She also met with senior officials of the European Commission and the European External Action Service.



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