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During her 29 to 31 March 2012 visit to Geneva, the President of the Assembly of Sates Parties (“the Assembly”), Ambassador Tiina Intelmann, participated in a symposium commemorating the tenth anniversary of the entry into force of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and the International Criminal Bar entitled “Assembling the Defence”. In her statements, she highlighted the importance States Parties attach to the proper representation of defendants and victims before the Court. President Intelmann also presented the recent decision of States Parties on the review of the legal aid system.

President Intelmann also met with representatives of States Parties and civil society at the United Nations Office in Geneva to discuss common activities of States Parties to promote complementarity and the effective implementation of the Rome Statute, including how to make best use of the upcoming second cycle of the Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review. Noting that States Parties had already recommended joining the Rome Statute during the first cycle of the Universal Periodic Review, the President called on States Parties to coordinate their efforts more closely during the second cycle, so as to achieve better results.

During a press conference at the Geneva Press Club, President Intelmann informed about the recent developments before the Court, with the first verdict rendered in the Lubanga case and the reparation phase to follow. She also spoke about the Trust Fund for Victims and called for increased contributions from States and private individuals alike. President Intelmann mentioned the challenges faced by the Assembly of States Parties ten years after the entry into force of the Rome Statute, including the efforts to achieve universality and ensure the effective cooperation of States Parties with the Court.

Furthermore, President Intelmann welcomed the first two parliamentary ratifications of the amendments to the Rome Statute on the crime of aggression adopted by the 2010 Review Conference and she called on other States Parties to ratify the amendments.

Additionally, President Intelmann also met diplomats and members of civil society.
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