President Intelmann on approval of motion in the Parliament of Kenya to start the withdrawal process from the Rome Statute

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Speaking in Gulu, Northern Uganda, the President of the Assembly of States Parties (“the President”), Ambassador Tiina Intelmann, recalled that the International Criminal Court had been established with the aim of fighting against impunity for the most serious crimes of concern to the international community as a whole. States Parties are pursuing a common policy to achieve the universality of the Rome Statute. President Intelmann said “I hope that Kenya will remain within the Rome Statute and thus continue to contribute to the fight against impunity, which is a common endeavour of all States”.

The President also recalled that in addition to establishing the ICC, the Rome Statute had given rise to an entire Rome Statute system, which included the legal framework and measures adopted by States Parties at the national level to investigate and prosecute international crimes, to assist victims through a special fund created under the Rome Statute, etc. President Intelmann also stressed that the prevention of such crimes was the ultimate goal of the Rome Statute system and that this deterrent effect had already helped prevent large-scale violence.

Furthermore, President Intelmann noted that in accordance with article 127 of the Statute the withdrawal would take effect at the earliest one year after the formal notification made to the United Nations Secretary-General. She also highlighted that a withdrawal would not exempt a State from any of the obligations arising from the Statute nor affect any cooperation with the Court regarding criminal investigations or proceedings commenced prior to the date when the withdrawal becomes effective.

Finally, President Intelmann expressed her sincere hope that Kenya would remain within the Rome Statute system, which has benefited from Kenya’s multi-faceted contribution over the years.



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