ICC - Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute elects three judges

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At the sixth session of the Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (“the Assembly”), which is being held at United Nations Headquarters in New York, from 30 November to 14 December, after four rounds of balloting, on 30 November and 3 December, the Assembly elected the following judges to fill three judicial vacancies:

  • Cotte, Bruno (France, list A, Western European and Other States, male)
  • Nsereko, Daniel David Ntanda (Uganda, list A, African States, male)
  • Saiga, Fumiko (Japan, list B, Asian States, female)

In accordance with the Rome Statute, the judges were elected to fill the judicial vacancies for the terms of office of their predecessors. Pursuant to a drawing of lots, which took place on 3 December, the term of office for Ms. Fumiko Saiga shall end on 10 March 2009, while the terms of office of Mr. Bruno Cotte and Mr. Daniel Nsereko shall end on 10 March 2012.

The ceremony for the solemn undertaking of the newly elected judges is tentatively scheduled to take place on 17 January 2008. Additional information on the results of the election may be found at the website of the Court, under Assembly of States Parties, elections.

The Assembly of States Parties is the management, oversight and legislative body of the International Criminal Court. It is composed of representatives of the 105 States that have ratified or acceded to the Rome Statute. 

For further information on the sixth session of the Assembly of States Parties, please contact Ms Fatma Waheb Wassie, at +31-646-168-626 or [email protected]



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