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At the seventh plenary meeting, on 21 November 2008, of the seventh session of the Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (“the Assembly”), the Assembly adopted seven resolutions on issues including the venue of the Review Conference, the permanent premises of the Court and the programme budget for 2009.

The Assembly made a decision as regards the venue of the Review Conference of the Rome Statute, which shall be held in Kampala, Uganda, during the first semester of 2010, for a period of five to ten working days, at dates to be established by the Bureau of the Assembly in close consultation with the Government of Uganda. Furthermore, the Assembly decided that in the event of unforeseen developments, the timing, the venue and other modalities of the Review Conference may be revisited.

On the construction of the permanent premises of the Court, the Assembly accepted the offer of the host State to provide a loan of up to a maximum of €200 million, to be repaid over a period of thirty years, at an interest rate of 2.5 percent.

The Assembly also approved a budget totaling €101,229,900 and a staffing level of 744. 

The Assembly of States Parties will hold its first resumption of the seventh session from 19 to 23 January 2009, devoted to the election of six new judges for a nine year term of office, as well as six new members of the Committee on Budget and Finance. At the second resumption of the seventh session, from 9 to 13 February 2009, the Assembly is scheduled to finalize the discussions on the crime of aggression. Both resumptions will take place at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

For further information on the seventh session of the Assembly of States Parties, please contact Ms. Fatma Waheb Wassie, at +31-646-168-626 or [email protected]

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