ICC - GENERAL DEBATE : Sixth Session of the Assembly of States Parties


30 November - 14 December 2007- United Nations Headquarters, New York


GENERAL DEBATE - 3 and 4 December 2007

Monday, 3 December  2007


States Parties

Spain Spanish
Japan English
Portugal English
United Kingdom English
Denmark English
Liechtenstein English
South Africa English
Costa Rica Spanish
Netherlands English
Colombia Spanish | English
Belgium French
Austria English
Germany English
Brazil English
France French
Mexico Spanish
Chad French
Argentina Spanish | English
Croatia English


Venezuela Spanish
Lesotho English
Switzerland French | English
Uganda English
Nigeria English
Uruguay Spanish
Norway English
Senegal French
Ecuador  Spanish | English
Trinidad and Tobago English

Tuesday 4 December  2007



States Parties

Finland English
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Republic of Korea English
Luxembourg French
Ghana English
Canada, Australia, New Zealand CANZ English | French
Hungary English
Sierra Leone English
United Republic of Tanzania English
Cyprus English
Burkina Faso French
Serbia English
Kenya English
Poland English
Bolivia Spanish

Observer States

Madagascar French
Guatemala Spanish
Egypt English | Arabic


Non-Governmental Organisations

International Federation for Human Rights English | French
Coalition for the International Criminal Court English
Amnesty International
Human Rights Watch English
IKOHI Indonesian Association of families of the Disappeared English
Caritas France French
National Coalition for the ICC, Central African Republic French
INSAF Centre for Justice and Peace (Sudan) English
Human Rights First English
Ligue pour la Paix et les Droits de l'Homme Coordination Nationale (DRC)