ICC - 2011 - Plan of Action (ASP10)

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Plan of action of the Assembly of States Parties for achieving universality and full implementation of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
- Note verbale of 7 February 2011 
ICC-ASP/10/S/PA/07 - English | Español | Français     

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Australia     English
Bolivia     English* | Español
Botswana    English
Czech Republic     English
Chile   English* | Español
Finland    English
Greece   English
Madagascar    English* | Francais   
Mauritius   English
Mexico    English *| Español
Serbia   English
Sweden   English
Suriname   English
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Commonwealth Secretariat  English
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Side event: Plan of Action     

    Universality of the Rome Statute and implementing 
    legislation: developments and resources
       Monday 19 December 2011, 13.15 – 14.45  
       Conference Room A (NLB)  
  Invitation  - English
      ICC Presidency                   - English
  Commonwealth Secretariat - English


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