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Second election

Scheduled for the resumed session of the fourth session of the Assembly of States Parties, to be held on 26 and 27 January 2006.


List A or B criteria

     Liste A                                        Liste B 



 1. DAKOURE, Haridiata                1. BARD, Károly                           
SLADE, Tuiloma Neroni           2. KAUL, Hans-Peter    

SONG, Sang-hyun                    3. KOURULA, Erkki 

TRENDAFILOVA, Ekaterina      4. KUENYEHIA, Akua       

THIAM, Cheikh Tidiane  

                                                      6. UŠACKA, Anita 



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By a communication, dated 16 November 2005, the Government of Kenya announced the withdrawal of the candidature of Ms. Effie Owuor.
The Government of Kenya had nominated her by a communication dated 18 October 2005.