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Second election

Scheduled for the resumed session of the fourth session of the Assembly of States Parties, to be held on 26 and 27 January 2006.

Regional Criteria

            Name                                  Nationality

Africa:   3 nominations



1. DAKOURE, Haridiata                   Burkina Faso     

2. KUENYEHIA, Akua                      Ghana

3. THIAM, Cheikh Tidiane              Senegal 


Asia:   2 nominations



1. SLADE, Tuiloma Neroni             Samoa

2. SONG, Sang-hyun                      Republic of Korea


Group of Eastern European States:   3 nominations



1. BARD, Károly                             Hungary   

2. TRENDAFILOVA, Ekaterina        Bulgaria

3. UŠACKA, Anita                           Latvia 


Group of Western European States:   2 nominations         


1. KAUL, Hans-Peter                        Germany

2. KOURULA, Erkki                            Finland




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