ICTJ works across society and borders to challenge the causes and address the consequences of massive human rights violations. We affirm victims’ dignity, fight impunity, and promote responsive institutions.


Societies break the cycle of massive human rights violations and lay the foundations for peace, justice, and inclusion.

Our Core Values

In all of our work, we believe that: 

  • Addressing the consequences of widespread human rights violations lays the foundation for lasting peace and a more just and equitable future. 
  • Accountability and the preservation of memory are essential to strengthening the rule of law and reforming broken institutions. 
  • All segments of society must be empowered and play a role in devising collective solutions. 
  • Victims, women, and others who have been historically marginalized must be consulted, their voices heard, their needs considered, and their dignity affirmed. Their participation must be encouraged and ensured. 
  • Each context is uniquely complex and requires a tailored response and long-term approach. 
  • Comparative experiences and lessons learned from around the world inform innovative approaches and creative solutions. 
Regions of work
Worldwide; Africa
Non-governmental organization

New York Office (Headquarters) 
50 Broadway, 23rd Floor 
New York, NY 10004 USA 
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Tel: +1 917 637 3800 
Fax: +1 917 637 3900 

The Hague 
Alexanderveld 5 
2585 DB The Hague, The Netherlands 
Tel: +32 475 220 069 
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Three most relevant areas of work
Advocacy; Capacity Building; Research