Statement by the Presidency of the Assembly of States Parties in support of the independence and impartiality of the International Criminal Court

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The Presidency of the Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute expresses concern over the recent public statements related to an ongoing International Criminal Court investigation in the situation in the State of Palestine. The Presidency regrets any attempts to undermine the Court’s independence, integrity and impartiality. Some statements may constitute threats of retaliation against the Court and its officials, in the event the Court exercises its judicial functions as mandated in the Rome Statute.

Prosecutorial and judicial independence is one of the key components of the rule of law. We call on all States to respect the independence and impartiality of the International Criminal Court.

We reiterate our firm commitment to uphold and defend the principles and values enshrined in the Rome Statute and to preserve its integrity undeterred by any threats or measures against the Court, its officials and those cooperating with it. The Rome Statute establishing the International Criminal Court was the result of thorough, transparent and inclusive negotiations involving all States. It represents an international commitment to end impunity for the most serious international crimes that threaten peace, security and the well-being of the world. The Court has a critical mandate of holding accountable perpetrators of such crimes and delivering justice to victims equally.

The Presidency stands firmly by the International Criminal Court, its elected officials, its personnel, and those cooperating with the Court. Safeguarding the Court’s integrity, including its judicial and prosecutorial independence, is fundamental to the successful discharge of its mandate. We stress the importance of the International Criminal Court as an independent and impartial court of law.

The Assembly of States Parties is the management oversight and legislative body of the International Criminal Court. It is comprised of representatives of States that have ratified or acceded to the Rome Statute. The Presidency of the Assembly is currently composed of H.E. Ms. Päivi Kaukoranta (Finland), President; H.E. Mr. Michael Imran Kanu (Sierra Leone), Vice-President; and H.E. Ms. Margareta Kassangana (Poland), Vice-President.

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